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Our Lenoir Dentist List The Top 4 Foods That Strengthen Your Enamel

Lenoir NC DentistSeptember 15, 2020
A Lenoir family dentist will tell you that having a good oral hygiene regimen is one of the best things that you can do in order to improve your tooth and gum health. However, it is also important to for you to follow a healthy diet. There are several foods that can help strengthen your […]

Do I Need Dental X-rays? Our Lenoir Dentist Explains Why or Why Not?

Lenoir NC DentistSeptember 01, 2020
A family dentist in Lenoir is committed to giving you the best dental care possible. However, a dental exam may not reveal everything that is wrong with your teeth. That is why they may perform a dental exam with x-rays. Valuable Diagnostic Tool X-rays can help a local dentist diagnose various dental conditions. The dentist […]

Our Local Dentist Shares Top Halloween Candies to Avoid in 2020

Lenoir NC DentistAugust 18, 2020
I would have to find a dentist near me if I ate too much candy. Most people are well aware of the fact that candy isn’t healthy. However, there are some types of candy that are worse than others. The following is a list of candies that a local general dentist will recommend that you […]

Our Lenoir Dentist Explains How Smiling Affects Your Health

Lenoir NC DentistAugust 04, 2020
Good oral hygiene and seeing a local family dentist are two of the keys to keeping your smile healthy. It is important to smile because it is great for your health. There are several ways that your health can benefit from smiling. Improve Your Mood If you are feeling bad, then you can get an […]

6 Signs That You Need Root Canal Therapy

Local Lenoir Dentist Talks About Gingivitis And How to Prevent It

Lenoir NC DentistJuly 07, 2020
What Causes Gingivitis? Gingivitis is one of the conditions that is commonly treated by a local family dentist. It is a condition that occurs when mucus, bacteria and plaque builds up inside of your mouth. Those things can cause gum inflammation and bleeding. What Are the Symptoms of Gingivitis Soft, swollen and receding gums are […]

Our Lenoir Cosmetic Dentist Shares How a Hollywood Dentist Invented Veneers

Lenoir NC DentistJune 23, 2020
Dental veneers are thin, porcelain “shields” placed over the teeth to correct discoloration, chips, and other surface imperfections that don’t need a full restoration. Although, today, veneers help people from all walks of life achieve a straighter, more attractive smile, they were originally for Hollywood starlets only, in an era where beautiful smiles were hard […]

Canker Sores: Our Lenoir Dentist Shares Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Is Nail Biting Bad for My Teeth? Ask Our Lenoir Family Dentist

Lenoir NC DentistMay 19, 2020
Nail biting is one of the most common habits among both adults and children. Also known as onychophagy or onychophagia, it’s estimated that about 25-30 to percent of the population are nail biters, including up to 45 percent of teenagers. While on the surface it may appear rather harmless, chronic nail biting can have big consequences for your stomach, your […]

Our Lenoir Dentist Answers Common FAQs About Dental Veneers

Lenoir NC DentistMay 05, 2020
Since veneers are one of our most popular Lower Creek cosmetic dentist services, we receive many questions about them. While dental veneers are a great way for many people to achieve a radiant, picture-perfect smile, they are not the perfect solution for every type of dental issue! If you are considering getting veneers in Lower […]

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